AYC’s membership is dynamic. We have approximately 600 annual dues-paying members and approximately 2,000 who take part in our programs each year. Both are growing rapidly.

What our members are saying about AYC:

“Invest in something and in turn it will invest in you; that’s the value of AYC. Being new to Austin, plugging myself into the community makes a big city smaller. Essentially, you can network anywhere there’s an assembly of people. Austin has a ton of ‘happy-hour-business-card-exchanges,’ but few avenues to truly connect with the latest and greatest people and share ideas in an intentional and uniquely structured way. Through speaker series, workshops, community service, and a slew of special events each year, AYC fosters a collaborative environment for young people of Austin to flourish.” – Oral Blankson

“AYC creates opportunities for the young professional community to grow into the next generation of Austin leaders. Through community outreach, educational workshops, networking and social events, AYC gives it’s members the tools they need to move to the next level in their careers, and beyond. As the largest young professional organization in Central Texas, AYC boasts the most diverse group of members of any YPO, spanning across every industry. Every time I attend an event held by this organization I am in awe of the level of talent that make up the membership. AYC is truly making a difference in the Austin community.” – Tommy Belton

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