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Economic Development Committee

The Economic Development Committee’s purpose is to create opportunity for relative financial success and security. Working with other committees, members, local groups, and businesses, this committee is a forward-looking group focused on solutions for Austin’s young professionals. The committee is responsible for recommending policy positions to the staff and Board of Directors, educating chamber members about key central Texas policies, connecting community and civic leaders to our members, and creating civic engagement opportunities.

Time Commitment
Monthly meeting at 5:30pm on the fourth Wednesday of the month; AYC and community events as schedule permits.

What We Do

  • Drive advocacy conversations for the Austin Young Chamber
  • Committee members have opportunity to serve on committees and councils around the city

Committee Chair
Kelsey Hitchingham
The Hitchingham Group

Committee Members

Arti Bhakta
Erin Buthman
Brandon Flowers
Liz Johnson
Tanner Long
Holly Northup
Aaron Otenaike
Amy Stansbury
Gina Valdes
Christopher Williams
Keith Ziegelman

Interested in joining the committee?

Contact the Committee Chair.