Committee Member of the Month: Shane Brechmann

Name: Shane Brechmann
Company: Pinot’s Palette – Austin, TX
Role: Owner/Managing Director


      1. What brought you to Austin and how long have you been here?
        The culture! Austin has been on my radar for years, unfortunately the opportunity to move never presented itself. Finally last year I made the decision to drop everything and make the change. Moved here last summer with no job, no plans and only a zest for life.
      2. How did you get connected to AYC?
        Was looking to surround myself with like-minded individuals and AYC provided the perfect balance of professional growth and community focus.
      3. What are you involved with in AYC AND what is your favorite part of AYC?
        Currently, serve on two committee’s; Imagine & Leadership Services. Favorite part of AYC is having the ability to surround myself with young professionals during fun and engaging events. Almost all of the events AYC hosts are community-focused, but allow for a level of professional development.
      4. Where can we find you brunching in Austin on any given Saturday?
        Taverna Downtown. Good food, good drinks and centrally located in case any additional shenanigans shall ensue.
      5. If you could have any superpower, what would it be and what would you use it for?
        Would have the ability to read minds. Having spent most of my working life in forward-facing industries, so much time and effort is put into creating unmatched experiences for each consumer. Having the ability to tailor the experience more efficiently and effectively would prove fruitful for all parties.
      6. If you could have any celebrity live next door to you, who would it be?
        Bill Murray or Matthew McConaughey.
      7. If you had guests visiting Austin for the weekend, where is the first place you would take them to show them a good time?
        Rainey Street! Even though it has evolved over the years, it has something for everyone. From late nights to brunch, it provides a good Austin experience.
      8. If you played hooky for a day, where would we find you and what would you be doing?
        Definitely find me near a body of water. Floating the river, spending the day on the lake or hanging at the greenbelt.
      9. When people ask you what you do for a living, what do you tell them?
        Seeing as I am a new business owner and trying to bring the brand back to Austin, I’m always telling people about Pinots Palette. Typically letting them know we create unparalleled experiences that drive creativity while indulging in libations.
      10. What technology could you not live without?
        Cell Phone
      11. Who inspires you?
        Bill Gates
      12. What is your proudest accomplishment?
        Owning a business. There is so much good that comes to the community from owning a business. Creating jobs, tax revenue and giving back..
      13. If you couldn’t live in Austin, where would you want to live?
      14. I want to learn how to…?
        Play an Instrument. Guitar or Saxophone
      15. Pick:
        Soup or Salad?
        Indoors or Outdoors?
        Winter or Summer?
        Tea or Coffee?
        Mountains or Beach?
      16. Favorite Drink?
        Whiskey w/ Ginger Ale