Austin Young Chamber Foundation

The Austin Young Chamber Foundation invests in the development of Austin’s young professionals by connecting them to opportunities that spur growth, encourage community engagement, and inspire leadership.

Our purpose and vision is to support the Austin Young Chamber and the young professional community as a whole by allowing for greater collaboration, education, and opportunity to create more success for our future leaders.

Our strategy to accomplish this vision:

  • Connect young professionals to opportunities that help build their professional and personal development.
  • Encourage community engagement and philanthropy.
  • Inspire and infuse leadership in all aspects of their lives.

Why was the AYC Foundation created?

The Austin Young Chamber Foundation was born out of the AYC leadership with the purpose of fostering the growth and prosperity of one of Austin’s largest demographic – the young professional. We believe young professional who are engaged, informed, and willing to step up as leaders are the building blocks for a better Austin. We exist to help young professionals develop into leaders and connect to greater opportunities.

How is the AYC Foundation different than the AYC?

The Austin Young Chamber is a membership organization and by definition has a responsibility to its members first and foremost. The AYC Foundation is taking a wider approach by acting as a resource hub for all young professionals in Austin, while also supporting the AYC in it’s efforts to support the young professional community. The Foundation will also foster relationships and collaboration among the other young professional organizations reaching a similar demographic.   

How can I get involved?

The Austin Young Chamber Foundation is currently working on having key conversations that will help us better understand the needs of the young professional community. If you are a young professional or work for an organization that serves this demographic we would love your input! In the meantime, our biggest challenge is to continue to be a sustainable organization. If you would like to contribute to the cause, you can make a tax-deductible gift to the AYCF using the contact form at the bottom of this page.

The AYC Foundation Scholarship Fund

We’re excited to announce the AYC Foundation Scholarship Fund. This fund will be for both individual young professionals seeking financial assistance for engagement opportunities, as well as for other institutions seeking support to fulfill their missions. Austin Young Chamber Foundation is dedicated to supporting young professionals in the Central Texas area who demonstrate the values of engagement and leadership that Austin Young Chamber Foundation was founded upon.

Apply Now (Individuals)
Apply Now (Organizations)

Current AYC Foundation Board Members

Yvette Ruiz, AYCF Board Chair
Lindsey Tyner, Past Chair
Blake Absher

Julie Smith, AYCF Chair-Elect
Colin Pope
Ed Kargbo

Monica Andry, AYCF Treasurer
Adam Flagg
Jonny Rodgers

Andy Cates, AYFC Secretary
Emmy Hill
Tommy Belton

Questions? Contact Us!

Contact Alyssia Woods, Executive Director, at alyssia@austinyoungchamber.org

Thank you to our Founding 40 donors

We recognize our Founding 40 donors for their foresight and commitment to make the Austin Young Chamber Foundation a sustainable organization that can invest, develop and inspire young professionals in Austin.

Thank you to our Changemaker Circle Donors

We recognize our donors in our Changemaker Giving Circle for their ongoing commitment to make the Austin Young Chamber Foundation a sustainable organization that can invest, develop and inspire young professionals in Austin.

  • David Courreges
  • Matthew Curtis
  • Gracie Barrera
  • Gigi Edwards Bryant
  • Matt Glazer
  • Nathan Green
  • Christopher Kennedy
  • Heather McKissick
  • Peter Pfeiffer
  • Julie Remde
  • Lindsey Tyner
  • Matthew Wood
  • Susan Yates
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