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The Austin Young Chamber provides many committees & programs that provide opportunities for getting involved in the AYC community.

Ambassador’s Committee:

Acts as a liaison between the Board and the AYC members, responsible understanding and communicating membership needs. The Austin Young Chamber Ambassadors are committed to assisting new and existing members in getting the maximum benefit out of their memberships. Members of the Ambassador Committee will have the opportunity to serve as hosts for AYC events, network and meet with new members as well as introduce potential members to our organization.

Time Commitment: Monthly meeting at 5:30pm on the last Monday of every month, monthly New Member happy hour/ coffee and individual member meetings at each committee member’s discretion.

Chair: Jonny Rodgers, AYC Board member
Vice Chair: Andrew Martin

Leadership Service Committee:

Acts as a conduit between Austin-area charities and members through outreach and public awareness.  Committee Members choose one month out of the year for a specific charity, for the purpose of having the charity give an informative event and/or offer a participatory activity to all AYC Members.

Time Commitment: monthly meeting- first Tuesday of the month at 4:30pm or second Wednesday of each month at 8am; signing up for one month a year to contact a specified charity for an informational lunch and a subsequent participatory activity, both open to all AYC Members; attending other community events as your schedule permits

Chair: John Fleckenstein, AYC Board Member

FAVE Awards Committee:

Responsible for the implementation of the annual FAVE awards ceremony. Committee members will coordinate award categories, sponsorships, venue selection, community outreach, and most importantly an event that all AYC members and partners will embrace and attend. This committee is open to everyone and responsibilities will be identified during the member’s initial meeting.

Time Commitment: Monthly meetings (every other Tuesday at 9:30am) and additional meetings and volunteer requirements closer to event date.

Chair: Tommy Belton, AYC Board Member
Vice Chair: Kelly Mosser

Visit the FAVE Committee page >
Visit the FAVE Awards website >

AYC Imagine:

AYC Imagine brings the circle of professionals and artists together by partnering with various arts-related organizations and attending and/or otherwise supporting their activities. This committee is good for people looking to: promote their arts-related events and organizations, network with people in the arts, go to cool events that they’ve always wanted to go to or already love going to, and chart the direction of a committee that aims to make Austin a better place by supporting the arts. All activities and meetings are voted on by the committee; it meets for one hour monthly and selects bi-monthly activities to support. Have Fun! Get Cultured.

Time Commitment: Third Tuesday of Every month @ 6pm and volunteer requirements at Imagine events.

Chair: Sidney Pan

View the Imagine Committee website >

AYC Poker Committee:

The Poker Committee is in charge of organizing AYC’s annual poker tournament. This event is one of the organization’s largest and most successful fundraisers.

Time Commitment: Each member is expected to attend a monthly meeting and is also expected to volunteer a small amount of time outside of meetings. Other duties of the committee members include; securing sponsors, collecting raffle prizes and promoting the event.

Co-Chairs- Abby Alwan & Ashley Tekyl, AYC Board Members

Tailgate Committee:

Whether you’re looking for a way to show your continued love and devotion to Texas football or just want to be a part of one of the biggest social events of the season, the Tailgate Committee is where it’s at. The Tailgate Committee is responsible for the success of the Austin Young Chamber’s annual tailgate.

Time Commitment: Meetings are held every other month and then monthly as football season approaches. Committee members share the role of recruiting tailgaters as well as volunteer responsibilities the weekend of the event.

Chair: Ali Putnam, AYC Board Member

*For more information on the committees and how to get involved please contact or 512-322-5654.

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